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Product Variant (Community Edition)

Product Variant (Community Edition)

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Get this feature that makes your eCommerce portal ready for showing multiple variations for a single product. The product might be same, but it will require presenting its different forms like different colours and sizes in the same product or different weights and measurements for the same product. The Product Variant addon will apply a simple rule for adding multiple variants for presenting the variations within the product to the end-customers in a clear manner. 


  • The admin can create a master of variants. E.g., Colour or Size.
  • The admin can then add different variant values under the variant name. E.g., Under colour, they can add different values like red, green, blue, etc.
  • When the admin is listing a main product, they can choose different variants available in the masters to list different variants available for the same product.
  • While listing variants, they can specify different pricing for different variants and also specify the inventory (quantity stock available) for each variant separately.
  • For each variant under the same product, the SKU prefix followed by a unique number gets allocated. So, each variant under a product will have a unique SKU.

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Feb 20th 2023


Oct 12th 2022

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API Folder, Storefront Folder (Angular/React), Admin Folder, Spurtcommerce.SQL

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